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An Ode to Productivity

2008-09-18 01:10

Lately I've been studying swedish, working on my candidate's thesis and the software engineering project, working at Zendroid, founding a new student organisation and doing part-time teaching. Despite or because all of this, I've been feeling more upbeat and productive than in ages. Somehow having merely much to do is more stressful than having an abundance of tasks. I guess the diversity of projects is what's keeping me going. Also, the job is turning out to be really interesting and inspiring.

In addition to time-management skills, all this multitasking has been improving my emacs technique. I've resumed using emacsclient and keeping one master session open at all times after a few years pause. Working on a large software project once again offers an opening for all sorts of tools and tricks I'd forgotten.

Working intensively also made me switch back to ion from xmonad. A dynamic window manager just isn't enough when dealing with a plethora of windows. A tag-based one might have worked better, and of course heavily customising xmonad would've probably gotten me something I could use. But in the end ion is what I enjoy using and have many years' experience with; I've no reason to switch.

BTYL, got real stuff to do.

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