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Odds and Ends


Finally switched from ion to xmonad. I still haven't fully adapted my workflow to the new window manager or vice versa, but I'm getting there.

ido for emacs is a great incremental tab-completing buffer switcher and file selector. Think iswitchb-mode and then some more. Another nice find are the up-line-or-search and down-line-or-search actions in zsh. They enable you to type for example sudo emacs and then browse through commands starting thus.

On a more personal note, I had my hair cut and have started packing for my impending move to Pasila. I've also been offered a chance to work at zendroid, the hottest startup in town. I'll probably have to decide between them and continuing at HIIT in a few weeks.

A couple I knew just broke up. Some of my friends are depressed. My girlfriend thinks we've wasted the summer. I myself feel as though I were slowly awakening from a very long sleep.

Additionally, you can start expecting part two in my attribute grammars and compilers series, it's well under way.

The semester is starting in a few weeks. I'm aiming at completing my candidate (bachelor for you foreigners) degree for christmas. Sadly there aren't that many interesting courses this fall, but I guess that's just good if I'm to be working part-time.

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