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The Lisp of the Commons

2008-08-26 17:25

The last two final courses for a candidate degree here at Univ Helsinki CS are Ohjelmistotuotantoprojekti (Software Engineering Project) and Tieteellinen kirjoittaminen (Scientific Writing). The former is a programming project for groups of about eight with make-believe real software engineering processes. The projects also have proper clients, though these tend to be other departments or research projects.

Like most universities nowadays, Helsinki is a Java school. You can probably feel the dread I had for executing a largeish project in Java with a bunch of Java programmers. Thus my exuberance on finding out that one of this year's projects would be extending a research project coded in LISP. Earlier this day our group tutor mailed us a link to Practical Common Lisp. Things are looking up :)

In other news, the move to Pasila went ok. The interview with zendroid is coming up.