Joel Ensio Kaasinen


An undergrad student at the CS department of The University of Helsinki. My interests include mathematics (esp. algebra and logic), type theory, programming languages and Linux.

I have (somewhat dormant) a blog.

I'm on Google+

I endorse:


Sakura is a short film by me and a few friends. It premiered at Assembly 2008.

I'm active in the student organisations Lambda and TKO-Äly

I'm a member of Fixme Internet-käyttäjät ry, a small group that maintains a bunch of servers for tinkering purposes.


I've done miscellaneous prototyping and research at Nokia Research Center and at the Helsinki Institute of Information Technology.

I also do teaching assistant on some courses at University of Helsinki. An incomplete list:

Currently I'm employed at Zenrobotics, a startup that works on bestowing robots with intelligence by using machine learning. I also lecture on Haskell and topics in functional programming now and then at Helsinki University.


From when I worked as a research assistant for Jukka Suomela at HIIT, the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology.

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