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Assembly 2008

2008-08-04 18:35

Assembly Summer 2008 ended yesterday. The level of the entries wasn't quite up to last year's although 64k Intro and Real Wild had some real gems in them. The music compos especially were appalling. I did like moravia, though.

Assembly 2008 also featured my first release: a short film titled Sakura. The flick didn't fare too well but that was to be expected considering the tastes of the masses ;). BTW, the winner of the short film compo was mind-blowing.

I was planning on participating in the fast music compo (1.5h time limit) but unfortunately my plane from IMC arrived after the deadline. I've already started working on two entries for next year: something for extreme music and something that I'll keep secret for some time longer.

PS. Alternative party looks interesting, especially with the discount.

Update 2008-08-05: Yeah, I'll be there. Hopefully I'll get something together for the one-track music compo :). Also, fixed links.

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