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OTR & chips

2009-03-02 23:30

Off-the-record is a crypto protocol implemented as a quite mature open source (LGPL) library. Its purpose is to enable trusted one-to-one instant messaging (etc.) that can be trusted at the moment it is said but can be later plausibly denied. Also, the protocol is built so that there are no long-term keys that when compromised would reveal all past communications. (This is a problem with for example PGP-type encrypted email solutions.) There are OTR plugins for irssi and xchat as well as other IM clients. If asymmetric cryptography and D-H give you that warm fuzzy feeling, this is the coolest toy since ssh.

New chiptune finds: Nullsleep and Pulselooper, both producing authentic Nintendo (NES & Game Boy) beats. Great stuff. Sadly the other releases under the new 56kbps netlabel aren't as good as Pulselooper...

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